It is important for Moldova to maintain economic relations with both the East and the West – Calin Corjan

Privat investor Calin Corjan believes that Moldova should develop relations both with the East and with the West.


The first persons of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus during the official meeting in Astana signed an agreement on establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union – the EAEU, in connection with which many analysts insist on rethinking of economy in Moldova. The new largest public market in the CIS, which represents the EAEU, will cover 170 million people and promises to be the center of economic development.

According to executive director of the Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms Galina Selari, Moldova should consider cooperation with the Eurasian Union.

“We risk losing our traditional economic niches in the eastern market. Russia is the basic market for Moldavian vegetables, fruits and wine products. Tomorrow these niches can be occupied by the partners of the Eurasian Union. To prevent this from happening, Moldova must rethink its economy”, – she said.

She stressed also that cooperation with the EU is less of an interest for Moldova, since the economy of the republic is mostly integrated namely with the CIS countries.

Privat investor Calin Corjan
Privat investor Calin Corjan

The economist, expert in international business and innovations, privat investor Calin Corjan, on the contrary, believes that Moldova should develop relations both with the East and with the West.

“In my opinion, Moldova must build a competent policy, cooperating with both the EAEU countries and with the EU states. Both markets for the republic are not only interesting, but also important. Moldova should expand its markets for products. Our country has potential. Therefore, it is important to maintain relations with the West and with the East”, – considers Calin Corjan.