Foreign direct investment in Moldova grew by a quarter

242718The net inflow of foreign direct investment to Moldova in the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 40.2 million dollars, an increase of 24% compared to the same period last year.

This was reported by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, noting that in January-March this year. net acquisition of financial assets amounted to $ 1.7 million, and a net commitment of $ 41.9 million.

The total inflow of foreign investment to Moldova in the first quarter of 2017, compared with the same period last year, increased by 7.1% – from 62.97 million to 67.46 million dollars, and capital outflow decreased by 10.8% – from 30.57 million to 27.27 million dollars.

As noted in the Ministry of Economic Infrastructure, in the I quarter of 2017, investors from Moldova made direct investments abroad in the form of buying shares of foreign companies worth $ 1.5 million. At the same time, foreign direct investors paid $ 0.2 million of their debts to their resident subsidiaries. Thus, foreign assets of residents in the form of direct investment decreased by $ 1.7 million in net terms.

At the same time, the net growth in liabilities was primarily due to the reinvestment of profits by foreign investors in subsidiaries of Moldovan companies in the amount of $ 33.1 million and a new participation in the share capital of Moldovan enterprises for $ 11 million. Net payments on resident enterprise debts to foreign direct investors totaling $ 2.3 million were made.



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